Your horoscope for February 2018, sign by sign


The deduction is advised in the first half of the month, even if it is not the easiest for you: you will piaffer of impatience! Professionally, the first days of February will undoubtedly impose silence and create some misunderstandings: fortunately, you will be able to express yourself clearly and correct the shot at the end of the month, towards 26-27. Affectively, resentment and unspoken will complicate the situation on the 6th and the 7th: wait for the 10th for a lull and the 18th for a real embellishment.
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This month, Mars is in the opposite sign to yours: whatever the oppositions you meet, you will not let go! At work, you try to put insidious sticks in the wheels? You do not let yourself be dismantled and cut down the taf, solid as the rock! Sentimentally, the atmosphere is passionate around the 6, which is not to displease you. Relations will be more peaceful and constructive around the 10th: the tangible realization of a mature love?


The beginning of the month may seem cumbersome. Yet you can occupy it usefully, to solve time-consuming but essential problems: administrative procedures, health check-ups, etc. From the 14th, Mercury passes in the sign of Aquarius friend: you will then have every leisure to debury your creativity. Love is subject to doubt during the first two weeks of the month: you strangely lack confidence in yourself. Your affective life resumes a lighter and laughing turn starting from the 18th.

Shakes in sight during the first week! Seizures, which could follow disagreements at the end of January, are possible from 1 February. You will probably have trouble facing the coldness of your interlocutors. You will nevertheless remain efficient professionally. Around the 6th, your feelings will be put to the test: you will feel – rightly or wrongly. March in trine your sign will allow you to cope: it will bring you unsuspected resources to hold the shock.


You spend the first half of the month nose plunged into your work, probably quite annoyed by the aggressiveness that emanates from some members of your professional entourage. The second part of February is much more fun: you will meet original and interesting people, who will inspire you! Beginning on the 18th, you may be attracted by a charming iconoclast, who gracefully shakes up received ideas. But beware: you’re not the only one on the deal!


This month, things turn to your advantage: your consistency will be rewarded at all levels. Professionally, you reap the rewards of your work during the first two weeks of the month. Sentimentally, the period from 6 to 10 marks another important step. As a couple, your duo flourishes and consolidates; Significant commitments are made. Single, you have the opportunity to start a serious and profound relationship, without false pretenses. It’s rare!


You will not be very talkative or enthusiastic the first two weeks of the month: Something worries you, you anguish? Do not turn in a loop! The horizon emerges from the 14th: your legendary sociability takes over. On the february 18th, Venus enters in your sign: it is time to take time for your couple, or, if you are single, to open the eye and the good. Even if February will not be a month of concretization, it will allow you to initiate interesting friendly contacts … and more if affinities!


You are in great shape, in the line of January. Maybe a bit aggressive, but super efficient to turn the situations to your advantage. At work, you are at the maximum of your capacities of strategist the 3, 4 and 14. Revenues of money are possible on these dates. On the heart side, the first three weeks of the month are full of intensity and depth: everything you like! Beginning on the 18th, you may feel a little disconcerted by the reactions of the beloved or your suitors.


Beginning of a very studious month, devoted to resolving fundamental issues and practical problems: you will stick to it rigorously and efficiently. In the second part of the month, you will allow yourself a little relaxation, once the duty has been fulfilled. It’s time to accept the invitations and come out to air you. Friendly meetings are possible. On the heart side, couples should be careful of the routine – you can spice it on the 18th. Single, you allow yourself time for reflection.


A very important month for you at the sentimental level. Your relations can be transformed radically around the 6th, under the influence of Pluto

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