The horoscope 2016 for Taurus

General climate of the year

Taurus friends, here is the area on top of your horoscope for this year: love and children !!! Indeed 2016 will be marked by a real revival in this sector. For women, possible arrival of a baby. As a couple, you will discover your spouse, and your relationship will have a real revival. Single, it will be the Year (with a capital A) to find a soul mate. Multiply the outputs, activities, try (why not) dating sites, and destiny should give you that little push that was missing you lately. Finance side, restrictions will no doubt expected. Avoid all unnecessary expenses or projects and all will be well. In the end, mostly thanks to your love sector, you should live a very good year in 2016!

Love for the Taurus in 2016
From 1 January, your love will be upset. The fault will return to the Moon-Saturn opposition. You will be unable to find a quality partner. You will have to wait until February 20 and wait for the Venus-Saturn trine to see an improvement. Enjoy, since 07/25/2016, with the opposition Venus-Neptune, your romantic relationships again become tense and this will give you a headache. You will not know which way to turn and be overly perplexed. Rest assured, friends Taurus, from autumn 2016, thanks to Uranus trine Venus, you will spend the end of the year roguery mode and you can finally live a beautiful and hot passionate love. You’ll be able to catch up.

Horoscope 2016 Work and Finance
From the beginning of the year and under the protection of the lunar orb, you should be finding enough attractive investments. Around the 2/25/2016, day grand trine between Venus and Jupiter, you will enter into a lucky streak, particularly for gambling! Consider making the squirrel by putting some money aside because the summer you will not be very favorable and it will last until autumn. Indeed, the square of Saturn will make you spend lavishly. The end of the year you will remplumer you!

Your Vitality in 2016
Under the protection of the planet Venus, mistress of your sign, 2016 will be broadly positive for your vitality. For this, you will still need to have a healthy lifestyle. As of 02/05/2016, you may well return to the path of a gym to sculpt your little athlete’s body, especially before the arrival of spring. Your sleep will be quality and allow you to recover more quickly than before. This prosperous period will continue until the end of September. Indeed, from the month of October, the Venus-Saturn square will slightly darken your tone through a powerful overdrive. You will be unable to find a second wind. By pulling on the rope too, you could end the year end on the knees.