Luck continues : leo horoscope for 2017

Croesus walk right over you with its cornucopia! Yes in 2017, the sky offers the opportunity to enrich you. You can easily upgrade your current living conditions if you do not miss opportunities to make a fortune, and know you have to invest at the right time and right place. To you plenty this year!

Lion in front of the sign. What heaven! It is all in relief and more harmonious. Then, post your positive and determined nature, you have everything to gain. Yes, walk with pride and show your colors, you, the kings and queens of the zodiac, you reach all your goals. Jupiter in Virgo adds to your bubbling character, refined manners, sound common sense and attention to detail to stand out. In 2017, Leo will shine with class, and this is the logic that will help you make sense of things. Much more realistic than usual, you will analyze before pouncing. A valid brake that allows you to weigh the pros and cons before committing to a business. No, you will not lose your fiery character but you will have a little more restrained and you intend to build on the solid, not on sand. No more risky adventures, you tâterez the ground before you get involved and especially before you invest your fortune.

First part of the year, Jupiter in Virgo until September 8, …

Benefit financially, you’ll galore! Jupiter which is called the star of the “big fortune” light your solar 2nd: money and income. According to tradition, this excellent transit emphasizes your need to make a fortune. The money will take an important place in your life and you can keep is the package to increase your purchasing power. If you have material values, you will make successful investments in order to increase your assets. Indeed, during this cycle, you will enjoy financial advantages, of course if you take the trouble to enjoy this happy abundance passage that will not happen before July 2027. Act now, of course! And if some occasional setbacks you arrive, you will retain nonetheless, good ease.

In business? You will inspire confidence in your honesty and clear mind. If you want to grow your business, you will have no trouble supporting financial institutions and all facilities to obtain credit. Even anticipation for those who intend to run their own business. This year you will finally have the chance to realize your wish.

More possibilities. In 2017, you will realize that there is in your personality other unexplored qualities. Obviously, they will surface and you’ll discover new talents. If you have paranormal gifts, you will be able to tame them. They manifest their presence more frequently than usual. Also, maybe you will get capital injections from your spouse or partner. Legacy is also possible during this period. As for the sex! It promises! What you’ll swing and what you will become acrobat under the duvet. Phew! You have to see to believe …

Behind the hourglass. This year, you have to tame the bloated influence of Jupiter in order to keep the feet on the ground. And if, at birth, Jupiter was badly aspected in your chart, this planet of abundance will likely complicate your life greatly. risk of infidelity on the part of your partner. Let’s say it is 35% likely, because of your love harmonic heaven side. Also, if you are in business and in combination, be on your guard. Ensure the integrity of your assistant before doing anything. If you have large contracts to sign, read every clause before signing it to avoid being injured. Beware also of intrigues that will weave themselves around you. To finalize, watch your paycheck. At times, it can slip errors. No, I’m not a witch misfortunes, I prefer to warn you before the error.

Other options. Boost the brainy side! Are you a speaker? Perhaps you will become before 2017. At least, you will be a brilliant talker and will charm you with the words. It’s your turn to speak! And you can get anything you want or almost in several areas, starting with the work. All those that affect the communication will be greatly promoted. Increase of prestige and we will trust their eyes closed. If you are in business and in sales, it is expected an increase in your customer base. office people, assimilation of your donations will be magnified and your great subtlety of mind, add a positive note to your relationships with others. Seen from another angle, you will defend your opinions with energy. When you embrace a cause, you will do it with determination. If the urge to return to school comes, get started. You will get great results. Or, perhaps, you will opt to retrain in order to be up to the demands of the professional point of view. Certainly, you will not remain passive in front of Jupiter. Furthermore, this configuration announces extensive travel can enrich your knowledge. Whether the need for your work or pleasure, you bouclerez your bags more often than usual. Successes are expected outside and also with people from another ethnic group. Perhaps the boldest go settle in another country, and they will adapt to the 100% customs. In short, expect all kinds of unexpected happy.

The last four months of the year, Jupiter in Libra …

From September 9, sneaks Jupiter in the sign of Libra, sector led by the Air element which of the wife of Fire, yours! This planet moved to the end of the year in your solar 3rd, home communications, brothers, sisters, travel and writing. This passage marks a great time to activate your mental faculties. In fact, this transit will encourage those of you who are studying or will engage in any intellectual activity. The verbal contacts or relations by correspondence will also be facilitated. The action of this transit will be ideal for travel and business contacts abroad. The money will also go easily, either in cash, giro or others. In short, it will finally be a period during which you will receive good news in all respects.

personal side. Moreover, this sector represents the brothers and sisters. If you have, one of them is likely to give you a boost in your endeavors. In short, you will have more frequent contact with them and on a more generous basis. Finally, I should also mention that Jupiter in Libra can also push you to move. So it will not only Uranus in Aries that will inspire you to change. Yes, you pick up your household gods or to develop another property or simply to offer you a second home in the countryside, in the South and elsewhere. Small luxury very attractive, is not it! As Jupiter baladera in the solar sector until October 9, 2017, I admit that you have ample time to think about it … Happy New Year, Leo …

Saturn in Sagittarius until December 20, 2017 …

His message 2017. What charm, you will! During this cycle, your sociable be enamored of beauty and art. Perhaps you will develop an unsuspected talent to date. In addition, you will attract the gift and it will be difficult to refuse you a favor. Besides, you will be surrounded by friends and you will enjoy great popularity among all. If you have a penchant for literature, to your computer! Compose poems, novels, operas, luck accompanies you and you will get the desired success. Moreover, this period is also the best for all your projects and perhaps will you have the cooperation of young people in heart and mind. A small baby crisis madness? Design illico be this dream before the fall, and you will not miss your shot. But do not be surprised if you have twins. Sagittarius is a dual sign, then there are many possibilities. Even prognostic if you want to adopt a child. You will have an affirmative answer.

The Board of Saturn. It is time to eliminate the internal slag that bother you and that limit the expression of the soul. Example: remorse, blame, hurtful memories all that poisons you literally life. Make a cleansing of your inner and learn to find yourself in this inexhaustible source of peace and benefits that is present, but smothered under a mass of errors that you voluntarily created. Learn to breathe through this fountain of positive energy just waiting to spring from you. In short, bring out your true values.

Are you traveling? At 75% yes! You know by now, Jupiter is on your side. Let’s say it is an advantageous time to take a vacation or to go abroad on business. Here pleasant cycles starting in good company: June, July and September. Have fun.


You give to life, you throw in his arms, and do not resist change. often repeat this little phrase: life loves me and gives me what I need, I am receptive (receptive).


Chance and money galore from January 1 until September 8, but do not become compulsive gamblers so far … figures suggested the lotto: 1, 15, 21, 27,30 and 42. Combine those numbers with the your date of birth.

THE decanates

Native of the first decan, from 24 July to 3 August, or in your native chart your ascendant is Leo between the 1st and the 9th degree. As you already know, Jupiter knocking lucky and it opens to you this year. Result? Expect more comfortable incomes, a better quality of life in material and substantial gains. Obviously, nothing falls from the sky. With the money we make money! So if you are in business, are dealing, negotiating, you will not be disappointed. Rather, you raflerez all. Furthermore, if the urge to point you in the world of commerce is felt, do not waste time. Act in February, March or April, you will win on all fronts. To you prosperity!

Natives of the second decan, from August 4 to 12, or in your native chart your ascendant Lion is between the 10th and the 19th degree. By the opportunities as ever. You will feel a great financial need because your lifestyle will require a new tempo. You will have the intention to offer and much limitless. Perhaps the home of your dreams, or, buying a property in revenues. Certainly, you will see up and away. As you are generous, you’ll enjoy your surroundings from your generosity. Luckily, Saturn Sage stop excess and you will not fall into excess. For some, it is also to provide a legacy that will be shared between parents and children.

The other side. Jupiter will form a quadrature Saturn by now. If in 2015 you accused a decrease of financial resources caused by poor management and through your own company, bankruptcy is on the menu. Warning! February, March and June months will be critical if you are in such a situation.

As for you, natives of the third decan, from 13 to 23 August or if, in your native chart your ascendant Lion is between the 20th and the 29th degree. Luck also smiled broadly you. You will inspire confidence in your honesty, your personal safety and you will have the support of banks for your businesses and shops. All you undertake in your business will increase capital: transactions, speculation, sales or business purchases: you have a choice. For you as for other decanates you deploy your power to acquire property. Your efforts will bring results beyond your expectations and you will change level, socially speaking. It will not take you about economics, being an impulsive spender and sometimes adventurous. In addition, earnings are also expected from a few strokes of daring, and if you hold the tangent, you will never be without resources. Spread your money and invest in the best areas. Victory! Maybe you will become rich as a Rockefeller!